“We asked for the impossible and were met with professionalism, tact and countless hours of dedication and support to get us across the finish line.”

- Stephanie Brooks
Woodstream Corporation

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From mobile-optimized websites and applications to web service architecture, BrickSimple is building the next generation of web applications. There are “web pages” and then there are the robust consumer and enterprise applications that scale to millions of concurrent users that BrickSimple builds, daily, professionally and with experience.


BrickSimple has been developing for Android for nearly a decade and created some of the earliest applications on Google Play. Our apps have been featured online by Google, featured on Google Play and even shown at Google’s International I/O event.

With a rich portfolio, BrickSimple has developed applications for Android-based phones, tablets, e-readers, set top boxes, Google Glass, Android Wear, and Project Tango.


We have extensive experience with iOS as an original early seed for the Apple iPhone SDK. Applications created by BrickSimple have been featured in the App Store and have been included in the Apple “Billion Apps” advertising campaign and store displays.

BrickSimple developed apps have been downloads have numbered in the tens of Millions. No iOS platform; iPhones, iPads, Apple TV and the Apple Watch.


We realized early on the potential of Virtual and Augmented Realities. Not content with gimmicks or theatrics, BrickSimple makes experiences that save businesses money, provide realistic immersion that otherwise would be dangerous or expensive and allow for data visualization that is intuitive and informative.

BrickSimple has helped companies train staff, visualize complex scenarios and collect data that until now would have been difficult, if possible at all.