BrickSimple LLC is a leading developer of next generation web, mobile, and wearable computing applications. Our talented creative team develops custom solutions and products that leverage current mobile/tablet computing and powerful emerging technologies.

Our team is committed to developing innovative application experiences for our clients. BrickSimple developers thrive on challenging technology problems and devising robust scalable solutions. We have assembled a team of experts with the experience, the know-how, and passion to make innovation happen. We bring these resources to bear when it comes to creating new solutions or re-engineering existing ideas.

If you are looking for an experienced iOS, Android, or Glass professional development partner, you have come to the right place. BrickSimple has been building software products and solutions since 2002. With clients ranging from the Fortune 500 to start-up companies, BrickSimple is recognized as one of the leading boutique mobile and wearable application developers in the United States. While some firms have just begun working with these technologies, our mobile application development portfolio spans more than 6 years.

Please explore our web site and contact us for more information. We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you. Thank you!

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iOS Development

BrickSimple has extensive experience with iOS as an original early seed for the Apple iPhone SDK. Applications created by BrickSimple have been listed as "Featured" in the App Store and have been included in the Apple "Billion Apps" advertising campaign and store displays. BrickSimple developed apps have been downloaded from the App Store more than 10 million times.

With a large iPhone development portfolio spanning 6 years, we have a deep understanding and knowledge of the inner-workings of Apple's platform/devices. We know the technology that enables great iOS applications.

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch applications
  • Voice recognition
  • VoIP (Voice over IP)
  • Accelerometer
  • High performance Quartz and Core graphics
  • Audio/Video streaming applications
  • Camera and photo integration
  • E-Commerce platform integration
  • GPS/Location-based services
  • OpenGL, 3D Graphics, Modeling
  • Custom Game Engine Development
  • Game Center Development
  • Cocos2D
  • Box2D Physics
  • Local data encryption
  • Login security and authentication
  • Social Media integration via Facebook Connect and Twitter
  • Supporting Web services integration and development
  • Local data storage and data synchronization architectures
  • iCloud integration
  • Apple Push Notifications
  • QR Code in-app integration
  • Integration with SharePoint
  • Google Docs/API integration
  • RSS/XML feed integration
  • Google Maps integration
  • Full native and hybrid applications
  • In-app PDF viewing and creation
  • Custom Bluetooth device integration
  • iBeacon and WiFi location technology

Having this scope of experience, puts our team in the position of being able to realize the most complex and sophisticated applications on the platform.

From a small app project to a company changing mobile paradigm, BrickSimple has the breadth and depth to develop your vision and implement your application. We have the expert team to make it happen.

Porting to Android

When you want to bring an iOS app to Android, we have that expertise to make that happen. Our team has ported iOS apps to the Android platform with a deep understanding of the challenges and design considerations involved with making the jump. Use this expertise to expand the audience and reach of your application. Read more

Android Development

BrickSimple has been developing on the Android platform for more than five years and created some of the earliest applications in the Android Market (now Google Play). Apps created by BrickSimple have been featured online by Google, featured in the Android Market, and even shown at Google’s international I/O event. With a rich portfolio, BrickSimple has developed applications for Android-based phones, tablets, e-readers, Google TV, and even Google Glass.

From our start on the first Google Dev Phone to the latest multi-core phones/tablets, BrickSimple has created a diverse set of applications that make the most of the world's most popular smartphone operating system.

  • Smartphones, Tablets, e-Readers, Google TV, and Android Wear
  • Android Design and User interface Guidelines
  • Custom Android Market development
  • Amazon App Store
  • Amazon Kindle Fire
  • VoIP (Voice over IP)
  • Accelerometer
  • Accelerated graphics and animation including RenderScript
  • Audio/Video streaming applications
  • Camera and photo integration
  • E-Commerce platform integration
  • GPS/Location-based services
  • Custom Game Engine Development
  • Box2D Physics
  • Local data encryption
  • Login security and authentication
  • Social Media integration via Facebook Connect and Twitter
  • Supporting Web services integration and development
  • Local data storage and data synchronization architectures
  • Background processes and push notifications
  • QR Code in-app integration
  • Google Docs/API integration
  • RSS/XML feed integration
  • Google Maps integration
  • Full native and hybrid applications
  • In-app PDF viewing and creation
  • Custom Bluetooth device integration
  • Bluetooth and WiFi location technology
  • NFC integration

Having worked with the Android SDK from the beginning, BrickSimple understands the unique requirements of a good user experience on the platform. With many different device configurations, Android brings unique opportunities to the developer and we have the experience to put this platform to work.

Device Experience

The sheer number of Android devices available can be daunting and presents unique development challenges. From the latest Android User Experience Guidelines to libraries for backwards compatibility, BrickSimple has the knowledge and track record to ensure that your app works across the widest possible range of devices.

From smartwatches to televisions, if it runs Android, our team has very likely worked with the device. With Android powering the next generation of wearables, we are already working on the next wave of applications.

Google Glass Development

BrickSimple is a Google Glass Pioneer. We participated in the 2013 Glass Foundry event that provided a small set of developers with the earliest hands-on experience of the technology. From our first work with the device to the release of the Explorer Edition, BrickSimple has been committed to the development of exciting new innovative glassware for Google Glass.

Industry Leader

BrickSimple is one of the top companies working with Google Glass in the world. This work has received the praise of both technology industry press and mass media. Our team has accomplished a series of firsts with the technology including the following.

  • GlassBattle - Recognized as the first game on Glass enabling two players to engage in a voice controlled classic “Battleship”-style native battle.
  • DriversGlass - First automotive integration providing drivers with a heads up display of live engine and performance data.
  • Cerora Borealis - This healthcare application on Glass was the first to integrate live medical device data.
  • Viewpoint of Billions - The BrickSimple team is proud of its work with noted contemporary artist David Datuna to create the first art experience that integrates Google Glass.

Creating New Experiences

Almost every employee at BrickSimple has their own Google Glass device. Our team is immersed in the technology to understand, identify, and invent new applications for this exciting category of wearables.

BrickSimple is actively working with clients to create new Google Glass glassware and products made possible through wearable computing. It's a bold new category of mobile application development.

  • Industry Expert Glass UI/UX Design
  • Mirror API Applications
  • Glass Development Kit (GDK)
  • Full use of Glass sensors and camera
  • Battery efficient application design
  • Device Management and Deployments

While Glass is based on the Android operating system, good glassware requires a different approach to UI/UX design to create an effective and efficient experience. Our team has been working with Glass across a range of industries to create truly new user experiences that take advantage of this unique hardware.

Thought Leadership

BrickSimple provided media commentary for the original announcement of Google Glass at I/O 2012. BrickSimple regularly shares its vision for the technology and has been a vocal advocate for the Google Glass platform. From conference events to media appearances, BrickSimple has a reputation for its evangelistic Google Glass expertise and enthusiasm for the technology. Members of our team have given keynote speeches on wearable computing, served as panelists, and even acted as judges at hackathon events. Media Coverage: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

HTML5 Web Apps

From mobile-optimized web sites/applications to robust web service architectures, BrickSimple has the skills and experience to build the next generation of web applications. While some companies build “web pages”, our expertise is robust web applications and architecture designs that scale to millions of users.

The BrickSimple team has been working with website development and HTML technology since NCSA Mosaic. Our developers were building and deploying AJAX applications a full year before the industry even named the technique. More than ten years ago, we introduced the first full-stack XML web application platform that cut development time by 70%. That product, Foundation Suite, was sold to a venture-backed company in 2008.

If you are building a rich web application or simply a set of web services to support a mobile initiative, we have the experience to execute the solution.

  • Expertise on the full HTML5 feature set
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • Java Web Application Stack
  • Microsoft .NET Platform
  • Ruby/Ruby on Rails
  • JQuery/JQueryTouch/JQuery Mobile
  • Velocity
  • Backbone
  • Spring Framework
  • Hibernate persistence framework
  • MyBatis data mapper framework
  • JSON web services
  • SOAP web services
  • RESTful web services
  • Lucene
  • Enterprise Service Bus architectures
  • Mobile web site/app optimization
  • Closed Loop Marketing Platforms including Agnitio and Veeva iRep
  • Enterprise Content Management Systems
  • Wordpress/Drupal/Joomla
  • Social Media integration
  • Single Sign-on including OAUTH
  • Security design and infrastructure

Cloud Computing

BrickSimple has architected cloud computing solutions that have scaled to 20-25million requests per day. Our team has worked with Google, Amazon, and Rackspace platforms to deliver systems on a massive scale. BrickSimple’s work with Google App Engine was featured in Business Week.

Social Media

For consumers and business, social media is not something that can be ignored. The BrickSimple team has built Facebook apps that provide custom features. We also have extensive experience with the Twitter and YouTube APIs. Our team's deep understanding of social media can expand the reach of your applications.

Other Platforms and Research

The BrickSimple team has developed applications for other connected devices and technologies. BrickSimple has an extensive track record working with new/pre-release technology platforms. Please contact us if you are looking for a good first wave development partner on your new platform or device.


BrickSimple has development experience with the Pebble, Tizen, Samsung, and the Android Wear SDKs. Our team is excited about the opportunities in this space and the forthcoming public release of the Apple Watch. We are actively building applications to take advantage of the unique characteristics these new wearables.

iBeacons/Wireless Location

BrickSimple is actively developing custom iBeacon, Bluetooth, and WiFi location solutions including hardware integration and protocol-level programming.

3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping

The arrival of low cost 3D printing opens up possibilities for design and development of new hardware and accessories. BrickSimple uses this technology to evaluate ideas and validate designs for our clients. Media Coverage: 1.

Raspberry Pi/Arduino

The team at BrickSimple can realize a complete solution including embedded hardware technology. While this tech was created for makers and hackers, it also has exciting business applications.

Microsoft Kinect and Leap Motion

Gesture-based control represents a completely new way for people to interface with technology. BrickSimple is using technologies like Kinect and Leap Motion to enable new types of applications.

Windows Phone/Windows CE/Windows Mobile

BrickSimple has development experience with Windows CE and Windows Mobile going back to the original SDK. With the launch of the refreshed Windows Phone platform, BrickSimple was there from the start.


BrickSimple is an original member of the XBOX Live community developer program. In 2007, we created the first mobile XBOX Live friends List (1337pwn.com). We applied our experience with game development and education apps into the creation of a XNA video game to help at risk teenagers.

Set-top Box (STB) and TV Development

The BrickSimple team has worked with custom STB applications as well as widget technologies including Yahoo’s Connected TV offering and WebOS. BrickSimple has developed and deployed widget technologies for every major SmartTV platform.

Leadership Team

Det Ansinn, President and Founder

Detlev Ansinn ("Det") has been writing software for more than 30 years with almost 20 years applying his expertise as a serial entrepreneur. Det founded BrickSimple in 2002 to create a software development company with a focus and commitment to innovation. Under Det’s leadership, BrickSimple has built a reputation for being able to execute the most sophisticated web-based and mobile applications. Both in 2008 and 2011, BrickSimple enjoyed exits and sales of two unique internally developed products/technologies.

Det has been invited to the White House several times as an advocate for small business and keeping information technology jobs in the United States. On business and technology issues, Det is a regular conference speaker and panelist with a reputation for a high energy speaking style. In addition to his professional work, Det also serves as President of Doylestown Borough Council (elected), a member of the Bucks County Open Space Review Board, and is past Board President of the Bucks County Free Library System.

Det has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University.

Harry Wynn, Vice President Southeast

Harry Wynn has been developing both web and mobile applications for more than 15 years. Harry serves as Vice President, Southeast of BrickSimple in Myrtle Beach, SC. Harry has extensive industry experience that includes entertainment, pharmaceutical, financial services, and human resource verticals. Prior to joining BrickSimple LLC in 2003, Mr. Wynn held the position of Chief Architect at a small Lehigh Valley eCommerce company.

Harry has a B.S. in Business Administration from Penn State University.

Dave Martinez, Platform/Technology Evangelist

Dave Martinez has been in the field of social media creation/production for more than 30 years and has worked in many different fields of media culture. Dave heads up BrickSimple West, our presence in San Francisco, CA. As the founder and CEO of Dave Martinez Technologies, Dave developed and managed strategic networks and partnerships in the California, Asia, and South America. With a highly visible presence in the Bay Area, Mr. Martinez has worked extensively with startups and young entrepreneurs. Mr. Martinez approaches business development with a humanity-centered ideology that is unique in the tech community.

Kara Hinrichs, New Media Management

Kara Hinrichs is an expert in social and new media management with a deep understanding of impact of these technologies in business applications. As New Media Manager, Kara is responsible for project application definition, requirements gathering, and our development process. Prior to joining BrickSimple, Kara held positions with digital creative and computer software companies with a range of management/communication responsibilities.

Kara has a B.A. in German and International Affairs from the University of New Hampshire.

Job Opportunities

BrickSimple is actively hiring/recruiting mobile web and application developers for our team. We offer competitive pay, excellent benefits, and a unique work environment. Email your resume to jobs@bricksimple.com.